Before the snow


It is so beautiful outside… with all that snow. Because of the holidays I could  catch up with the schedule and find time to post my last session before it started snowing but it is never too late. Enjoy the holidays and the beauty of the nature.   Coat \ Палто – Zara / similar here […]

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Black and white in 2014


The Black and White trend in the fashion began with the spring/summer catwalks. I could never get sick of the white blouses or black skirt and specially my favorite black leather MK handbag. As you all know I am big fan of shirts and blouses and I could proudly announce one of my new discovery in […]

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Tommy Hilfiger

Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself. “Alice Walker” Blazer / Сако – Kenzol  T-shirt / Тениска– Tommy Hilfiger Handbag / Чанта – Tendenz Skirt / Пола – 21 century  / similar here / Shoes / Обувки – Daris Sunglasses / Слънчеви […]

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Wayfarer vs Aviator

Michael Kors bag

When we speak or hear or think about sunglasses the first brand that pops up in our head is for sure Ray Ban. These sunglasses never go out of style. And here comes the eternal battle between the two most famous models of Ray Ban – Wayfarer and Aviator. Which do you like more? Когато […]

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Miss Sunshine

Michael Kors handbag

Counting on the yellow color to be in a great mood always works or at least for me …  and of course because I was in a great company … Да се доверите на жълтия цвят за малко повече настроение винаги дава резултат или поне при мен … усмивката е налице … естествено и заради […]

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Michael Kors bag

People always say that the family is the most important thing in our lives. I will say ”Family is everything in my life” … So every minute spent with every member of my family is priceless. Хората казват, че семейството е най-важното във живота ни. И аз бих каза, че семейството е всичко за мен… […]

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Asos jeans

The spring just started and all we need is sun and friends to have some fun with. I decide to take my most comfortable clothes out of the waredrobe and to enjoy the amazing weather. As we know this season we all have to wear … floral prints, denim and as every spring and summer season […]

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Prada sunglasses

My first Prada … are sunglasses. I actually spotted last year on the Frankfurt airport while I was on a business trip and I felt in love in them. And for my surprise I found exactly the same ones at amazing price in the one optic store in Milan, Italy couple of weeks ago … […]

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Victoria vs D&G

Victoria Beckham

I am pretty sure that all of you, who are really interested in fashion, already know what I am gonna write about. These days the speculations about some comments from Dolce and Gabbana about the skills of Vicroria Beckham as a fashion designer are one of the most discussed topic in the style magazines. Dolce […]

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Zara sneakers

Bring out the beast and go for a walk in Torino. Изкарайте звяра от гардероба си и го разходете из Торино. Leather jacket – Only Shirt / Риза  – Asos Jeans / Дънки – H&M Sneakers / Маратонки – Zara Belt / Колан – Boss Orange / similar here/ Watch / Часовник – Michael Kors […]

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