And about the name 2enspire… We are two best friends, who first met at the university on the very first lecture and after that became inseparable. The idea about the website came¬† after seven years of friendship, lots of laughter and gossips and after lots of time spent on shopping together.
And actually Emma is the one to blame for the start of this blog. One night together after more that 5-6 hours spent on searching some interesting fashion ideas and looking at the latest trends, she just said : We should start our own blog! And I answered straight ahead : Why not! After two days I came up with an idea about the name … 2 best friends, Emma & Nev are here to inspire you and your style in combination with the fashion trends.

So we will be really happy, if we succeed to involve you with the cause ” Style and Smile”. So follow our blog and we will do our bests to inspire fashion in you every day.