Asos dress

You should never forget that elegant is what every woman should be. We, the women, should always keep in our wardrobe minimum one ”all eyes on me” dress and the perfectly matching shoes … So what you will say about my choice? Никога не трябва да забравяме, че ние жените трябва да сме елегантни. И […]

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H&M jeans

My favorite combination for the spring season denim and white … We all know know that the denim is really on the top of the fashion trends for this spring, so I decided to combine my new H&M boyfriend jeans, which I really adore, with white sneakers and white blouse. I think that white&blue will […]

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H&M jeans

Duomo is one of the most amazing and inspiring cathedrals and where I exactly feel like I am on the top of the world. Every time I went there I am speechless. So lets just enjoy the view. Дуомо е една от най-невероятните и вдъхновяващо катедрали и мястото, където буквално се чувствам на върха на света. […]

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Клин Zara

Risin’ up, back on the street Did my time, took my chances Went the distance Now I’m back on my feet Just a GIRL and HER will to survive … I am pretty sure that all of you remember that particular tiger … The Kenzo tiger is a legend. Сигурна съм, че всички Вие си […]

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ASOS shirt

I really love that city… for me Frankfurt …of course am Main, is one of the most “alive” cities in Germany. I was couple of times there and it is always full of people and energy … and I know the pictures are not the best but they are made with lots of love only […]

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Ed Hardy belt

Sometimes you don’t care how you look like … you don’t care if you have made your hair, if you manicure fits your outfit, if you are looking more beautiful with high heels or even if you clothes are perfectly ironed … You are just going out to have a great time … and give […]

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Мол в България

As I promised you yesterday, I will show you different idea about how to wear this new pleated skirt from Zara. I know that not all the girls and women can wear high heels and that we sometimes just need to put some sneakers on and go for a walk … in the mall … […]

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Parfois bag

Important part of the must-have fashion trends for this spring season are the pleated skirts and the wide pleated trousers, so I just picked one of the Zara newest collection skirts and decided to experiment. So what do you prefer … really high high up in the sky heels or … sneakers? Share with us […]

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Zara shirt

As once I told you to have great fun was the main idea of this blog. Showing our style, showing how we could match our clothes with our favorite shoes or with our new bracelet … it is just this. And I am really glad that I also found these great photographers to help me […]

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MMM … It’s never too late

Michael Kors

I just got it … after more than an year of searching for that blazer I just finally have it in my hands… And  now I am totally sure the waiting was worthy … What do you think about? The amazing Maison Martin Margiela!!! Точно пристигна … след повече от година в търсене на това […]

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